What kind of business can i invest in


Finding a Business to Invest in

If you want to earn more than one million a year you should what an area of your business very carefully. Here are 10 lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can invest your money and be sure of making millions back. E-commerce Electronic commerce is the easiest kind of business to start. You just need to turn them into buyers of your products.

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Poultry Farms This kind of business is very lucrative. Even some invest are coming to Nigeria to invest business it. If you start with a farm of 1, chickens and will develop it properly, you will be earning nearly N30 million annually 3.

Second hand clothes Ibadan flea market Many Nigerians prefer to buy used clothes of good quality instead of cheap fakes. The cost of importing used cloth is very low, which guarantees good turnovers of your investments. Business farms These farms are quite popular in Nigeria.

They need low investment to start and don’t need any kind equipment. But the area is big, as well what the market. This business is tough and it needs big starting capitals, but if you are able to afford it — kind is totally worth it.

Oil and gas Our land has great deposits of oil and gas. So the land itself presents the best opportunity for its citizens. Some finest businesses in Nigeria started from owning of petrol filling can or gas logistics.

These areas are always good for making money.

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