Mining jobs in iceland


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They really helped put my nerves at ease. Thank you so much!!!! I knew if I posted something it would only be met with negative feedback, but whenever I met new people they always seem to have the same discouraged feeling about finding work that I did. So instead I want to share my story here to encourage anyone out there looking for work abroad that it is possible.

Warning this is a long one. Back to my story.

Even though those FB groups were not encouraging at the time they were the main resource I had for stories from other foreigners living in Iceland who were lacking in the language skill department and looking for work. Not exactly my dream jobs, but I would take anything to start working again. A lunchtime walk around the park next to my work After three months of being in Iceland, getting more discouraged by the day from the negative talk around me, my visa was finally approved, and within the first few days of my visa being approved I landed myself a job at a cafe downtown.

After this experience and a long conversation with my parents and the Viking I made a plan and decided to give myself three months of looking for job that would fulfill me. At the end of the three months the amount of time I would be able to continue living off my savings if I had not found a job I would take whatever position I could get.

Step one in my plan to find a job: As I was doing my research on this I was happily surprised to find that there are quite a few companies in Reykjavik with English as a main language of the office! From there I began contacting these companies to see if they had any position openings or internship opportunities. And even if I saw a position listed only in Icelandic I still reached out to the company, fully disclosing my language skills, and half the time my lack of Icelandic was not a problem to be able to do the job.

In addition to reaching out to companies I began contacting anyone I knew in Iceland to send any job opening information my way. Networking really is key anywhere, but especially in a small community like Iceland it is all about who you know.

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