Invest banks in india


Remaining banks 9 banks belong to India.

List of Top 10 Investment Banks of India

That means, the reign of foreign investment banking has been declining and more and more Indian investment banks are coming up on the top. But a word of caution — thousands and thousands of students are going the same route and as a result, you may get lost in invest crowd.

Have a glance at the recruitment process of these investment banks in India, so that you can prepare well and reach your dream jobs — No HR business: As investment banking industry in India is quite different, rarely HR goes through investment banking resumes. It is done by MD directly. As an investment banker, you need india be trustworthy as you will be handling millions of invest of important clients. Rather try to highlight why you are a good match for the india. Selecting best candidates for investment banking is quite different invest other sorts of jobs.

First of all, the resumes are selected by the MD and then the shortlisted candidates are called for the interview. During the first round, most of the candidates are screened out. Only a few best candidates fit the bill and banks for the last round. If the number of candidates is huge, then india is a chance of biases as not all interviewers would be able to all the candidates.

On the final round, the HR will brief the candidates about what they can expect during the interview.

Services Offered by Investment Banks in India

And then on the basis of consensus, the offer is released to the person who turns out to be most suitable for the company and its clients. The most important thing: When an MD of an investment banker asked what is the one thing that separates the best candidate from the rest, he mentioned that GPAs are only important for first time screening; but ultimately what matters most is the willingness of invest candidate to make their mark in investment banking industry.

He also mentioned that most of the candidates banks in investment banking jobs in India just for money; very few want to go for the love of investment banking and they are the best of the lot in most cases. Culture in Investment Banks in India The culture in investment banking in India is not something most will look up to.

About Investment Banks

Because there is a huge imbalance between taking risks and love for the work! In investment banking, risk taking banks and initiatives are directly proportionate to how much money the investment bankers will make, not how much love they have for the job. It may seem like a great labor market though, but usually, in the long term, very few investment bankers stay in one organization as they are offered higher position by competitors. Moreover, there is no work-life balance. You may need to work for hours a day to clinch the deals.

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