Gold mining in vermont


Links Gold Panning In Vermont We were invited to go gold panning when we joined a treasure hunting club. In spite of a lack of knowledge in this area, we were eager to go and try to find some of this yellow precious metal. Both of us were curious as to how it is done, and the techniques that are used to find gold. I personally envisioned a goldpan as a sieve, with the holes on the bottom, that would catch the gold nuggets.

We decided to leave Friday night after work, so we could get there on time. Arriving in Vermont late at night, we totally got lost in the dark, but since we knew we were in the general area of the gold mine, we decided to pull over to the side of the road and get some sleep. We awakened early in the morning by the sound of a bubbling brook, and proceeded to look for the location of the mine. We kept driving up and down the highway, and finally decided to ask a local business.

Surprisingly, where we were suppose to turn, was right across the street. It turned out to be a dirt road with no signs.

Our First Gold Panning Trip

No wonder we couldn’t find it. We followed the winding dirt road, which snaked through the woods, following a stream. It was still early, so we decided just to wait for the others before we got lost again.

We ate a quick breakfast and I jumped in the brook to see if I could locate some gold. Being a total novice like I said before, I found several rocks that sparkled in the sunlight.

I proudly presented them to Carol and we kept them for later investigation. We had visions of striking it rich today, and couldn’t wait for the real hunt. The Real Hunt for Gold Finally the club members started to arrive, and we followed one of them to the location of the mine. We set up our tent in a small field right by the brook.

After everyone was there and settled, we were taken downstream through the woods to the location of the old abandoned gold mine.

We were surprised to see that it was a huge mud pool adjacent to a creek. The current landowner and president of the Goldminers of New England explained to us that this mine was abandoned when they discovered gold in California, but there was still gold to be found right here under our feet.

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