Gold mining in dawson city yukon


Goldbottom Mine Tours

David Miller owns the mine and run a really nice operation. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. You can buy tickets in a small kiosk on Front Street in Dawson. They have a few different tours, and take the one where you get to pan for gold.

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We got a ride up to the mine from Dawson and Melinda was our guide. She is super and knows her stuff. It is about 15 km from Dawson up to the mine and she tells you the story about the Gold Rush on the way up there. Tons of interesting information. Once up there you get to see a mine in operation, as long as nothing is broken down which happens in the mining industry quite often from what I understand.

After the tour you get to pan for some gold, same dirt they are mining so the chances are pretty good. They provide the gold pans and the rubber boots. Get in there and find some gold!

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I got 12 small pieces of cold in two pans The best part, you get to keep the gold. If you have kids, they will have a hay day! After the tour and panning we were driven back to Dawson. They also have some rustic cabins that you can rent on the property. The tour takes around 3 hours, give or take.

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