Can you invest in oil


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You will find videos on oil topics, and information you how can navigate our website and what Crudefunders is all about. You can find blogs, webinars and even daily economic updates from leading Energy Economist, Tim Snyder, that the pros use to evaluate their trades. In addition, you will can industry links to helpful sites and FAQs by other investors with answers from our expert team members.

We are a compliance and investor-focused funding platform with the 1 goal of earning your trust. We provide you the tools needed to make educated decisions on when and how to invest in a project.

What Are Oil Futures?

Invest with us and you will be one step closer to your dream of owning a piece of an oil well. We combine the collective experience and foresight from invest disciplines such as Geology, Engineering, Marketing, Investment Banking, and Legal to create a new and fundamentally better way for people to invest in oil and gas.

We are not just a new method for old investors, but a game-changer that opens doors for everyone to share in the success of a proven industry for creating wealth. Investments in Private Placements are illiquid investments. Investors may not be able to liquidate their interest in an Issuer. Because of a variety of restrictions upon the transferability of the issuance, including restrictions imposed by federal securities laws, an Investor may you required to retain their investment indefinitely.

As a result of can foregoing factors, prospective investors must understand that there currently is not, and may never be, a market of any kind for the purchase and sale of the interests. All investments generally bear the invest of partial or complete loss of capital. There is no guarantee that an investment will be profitable.

The Issuers, and their respective Projects, listed on this platform may have a limited or no operating histories. Any investment in the Issuers is, by definition, a high-risk investment. Prospective investors should understand that they may lose their entire investment an certainly in the case of a dry hole.

Changes in Capital Markets and the Economy. Each Issuer is materially affected by conditions in the global capital markets and the economy generally.

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