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Today, as many as four million Americans are living with this disease. It was terrifying at first, as I believed blurry vision would be my new way of life.

Dealing with Dry Mouth & Dry Eyes

Luckily, however, after my Ophthalmologist placed punctual plugs in my tear ducts, the dryness in my eyes improved. I still deal with dry, red eyes when challenged by fluorescent lighting or dry environments. And, I struggle with dry mouth and fatigue regularly. Yet, after a decade of living with this disease, I have uncovered many tips and tools for dealing with the dryness. I am happy to share them with you. It is virtually spill proof and has a sturdy, built-in carrying loop. Drink Only Sugar-Free Liquids One of the biggest challenges of living with a dry mouth is that it puts your teeth at a serious disadvantage.

Saliva protects our teeth and gums, and when there is not enough, cavities and gum disease can result. One of the best strategies to protecting your teeth is to avoid sugar, particularly sticky, gummy candies which sadly are my favorite! The same is true for sugary liquids. Sipping anything with sugar exposes your mouth to a constant flood of that cavity-causer. Sticking with water, lots of it, is the best choice in maintaining a healthy mouth. Keep Your Mouth Moist Keeping your mouth as moist as possible is probably an obvious solution to dealing with dryness.

Sometimes you must take artificial means to get the job done. Chewing sugar-free gum really seems to help keep saliva flowing, particularly when a water bottle is not nearby.

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Sugar-free lozenges designed for dry mouth can be particularly helpful too. I often use Xylimelts, which adhere to the roof of the mouth. I get these from Swanson Vitamins.

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