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But some regulators appear to be embracing cryptocurrencies. Tracking risks As for the few investments that attempt to track the price of cryptocurrencies, they carry two risks: The Bitcoin Investment Trust from Grayscale Investments, for example, trades at a substantial premium to the price of its bitcoin investments. Advisers say darker threats lurk as well. Those characteristics make the currency efficient and transferable, she says, but they also mean it could be used on the black market or for money laundering and other illegal activities, which could expose investors to losses.

There have already been several costly thefts of the currency. She can be reached at daisy. Inthe ministers decided against production cuts even though oil prices were in a freefall. Sure, there was the housing bubble… and the banks were taking crazy risks they never should have. But historic crude prices surely gave the economy that final push over the cliff. Saudi Arabian leaders held a series of, umm, interesting meetings that year with U.

The dot-com bubble had already burst by that time. A mild, brief recession followed starting in March That is, a tripling of the oil price in a two-year span… teeing up a delayed-onset recession a few months later. In the meantime, the global economy is still in the boom that comes before the inevitable bust — witness the crazy auction price for Welsh gold.

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Welsh gold, as the name implies, is a type of gold that comes from Wales. There were 10 lots of nuggets and flakes up for bids this week, all of it mined under government lease between and … Not your ordinary gold… [Rogers-Jones Co. Thune or a designee? Beyond that, however, the options are many.

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