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History of Automated Bitcoin Trading Disclaimer: The contents of this article are not financial advice and you should do your own research before investing.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not reflect any position of the author nor CryptoComes. The cryptocurrency market is one that never sleeps.

Nor will it be merciful to the sleeping trader: What can a crypto bot do? It can make more calculated trades based off of data and algorithms better than a person could, and it works tirelessly to ensure it makes its owner as much money as it can. Bitcoin bot trades, buys and sells Crypto trading bots are programs that talk to exchanges and make trades on your behalf.

For example, there is a Poloniex trading bot that will work with that exchange to execute trades that work in your favor. Best Bitcoin trading bots Remember, that crypto trading is still in its wild, wild west phase and there are others out there with ill intent to take your hard-earned cash or hack your system, be wary of false bots.

Here is a helpful list of some reliable and credible automated Bitcoin trading robots. It does not execute arbitrage trades across exchanges. The automated Bitcoin trading bot also trades other altcoins on these exchanges. Zenbot – Trades with artificial intelligence that can trade across exchanges and make arbitrage trades.

Crypto Trader – Is a cloud-based trading bot that has a unique feature that allows users to trade their trading strategies with each other. BTC Robot – Is one of the early crypto trading bots on the market. However, it is a bit more advanced and some users might not understand some features and end up taking big losses. It comes with a day-money-back trial. While it does not offer its users direct control, it guarantees them daily profit from the trades.

Customers choose a preferred Bitcoin investment plan which then earns them 1 percent of their capital, daily. Strange, because how can you profit every day? Gunbot – Gunbot executes up to 6-precoded-professional-trading strategies automatically. It will buy and sell coins following the trading strategy the user chooses.

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