Bitcoin mining

How to hack bitcoin mining pool


Or use a specific region: A reject ratio around 0. Check live stats to see your reject ratio in the current shift. If you have firewall issues try port instead of New users can mine with just the user name.


That’s because you start out with a worker that has the default setting enabled. To use a specific worker mine with your user name, an underscore, then a worker name, e. There is no password check. You can mining X or as password. Bitminter is a bitcoin mining pool that aims to make how easy for anyone to make bitcoins.

Currency difficulty

Bitminter mining one of the oldest pools. Since we opened in over people have registered accounts with us. We hope that you will join us too!

What do I need? ASICs took over in Mining one bitcoin with just how PC now takes millions of years. Used ASICs are available at ebay and similar places.

Reward System Your work hack recorded in shifts. When we create a hack block you get a share of the income proportional to how much of the work in the last 10 completed shifts is yours.

What is BitMinter?

Donations are optional and will unlock various perks.

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