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Could hackers turn your TV into a zombie bitcoin miner? How about your TV? Security flaws in some systems might make it possible, say experts. German researchers have discovered a flaw in Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV HbbTV television sets that could allow an attacker to run malicious code, including bitcoin miners, says one report.

These devices are among a growing number of Smart TVs, always connected to the Internet and accessing online services in addition to digital TV, to improve the viewing experience. They were found to have flaws that would allow attackers to inject their own content. This has happened before with other Samsung TVs.

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Some believe that it is possible to run bitcoin miners on hacked devices such as these. SC Magazine’s report argues that a browser-based JavaScript miner, such as Bitcoin Pluscould be used to manipulate smart TV browsers into mining for coins. This software uses a link to a remote JavaScript file, contained in code that can be embedded into any web page there’s also a WordPress plugin.

Computers visiting a page with the code will be persuaded to start mining the coins, sending them to the page owner’s address.

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We have seen others using the idea of embedded JavaScript to ‘steal’ CPU power from visiting computers. One savvy team of programmers has created Smidge, a technology that divides problems between lots of computers visiting a single web site.

They’re using it to solve chess problems now, but a web-based distributed bitcoin miner surely can’t be far away, says one. Using lots of computers to do your bidding without consent is known as botherding – and a network of these zombie machines is called a botnet.

Perhaps we should call the same technique for mining bitcoins bitherding. And such a network would be a bitnet. These generally involve malware placed on a machine, whereas these ‘attacks’ use JavaScript not to install any malware, but simply to have the victim do some free computation.

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