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However, just like reports of bitcoin’s deathreports of Carlson’s personal earnings are, unfortunately for him, exaggerated. With the mainstream media continuing to paint bitcoin as a modern-day gold rushCarlson’s rags-to-riches story has been of particular interest, even if it hasn’t always been put in the proper context.

Still, when the facts are examined, Carlson’s business is no less impressive. Carlson summed up his transition, saying: I now have a core technical team that covers facilities, assembly, deployment, optimization and management. I spend most of my time working on the larger picture issues the company faces regarding future growth and operations.

Humble origins Carlson said he first got involved with bitcoin mining when he started an online mining supply company MegaBigPower “like most bitcoin miners”, from his basement. From there, he said his ambitions evolved with his interest. Carlson credited his current operation’s success to the bitcoin mining community, who tipped him off that he lived near some of the cheapest power in the country and helped guide him toward large-scale industrial mining.

BusinessWeek indicates that his warehouse is now powered by an array of Bitfury-designed rigs. Bitfuryan influential and still largely anonymous chip designer, was a key early supporter of Carlson as well.

However, while technology played a role, Carlson also needed capital, which he would receive in part from Leszek Rychlewski, of Poland-based scientific research center BioInfoBankwho he credits as integral to his success. If it weren’t for his bold risk taking and generosity, I wouldn’t have had the chance to take this concept into reality. He recalls that when he first began his mining operation he had to share an office with 30 GPU rigs for mining litecoin — not exactly an ideal scenario given their heating and cooling needs.

Now, Carlson looks back on this test of will as his research and development stage. I learned enough to know I needed to move to a different setting.

In his current space which he estimates is 10 times larger Carson upgraded to fans in order to pull air out of the building, citing problems with AC units. He now estimates these fans movecubic feet per minute.

Humble origins

In case you’re not familiar with the terminology, Carlson has an anecdote that paints the picture of this type of fan power.

Managing structure and supervision Carlson indicated that his operation also thrives on a network of partners, including investors BioInfoBank and PicoStockswhich manufacture the chips and boards. I sell shovels basically. Further, he uses Linux and open-source monitoring software to keep his eye on key processes that could indicate systemic problems.

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