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List of encrypted files available here.

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Follow these simple steps if files recovery is needed: Download and install Tor Browser. Open Tor Browser and visit http: This link works only with the Tor Browser. Login with your identification code to get further instructions on how to get a decryption key. Your identification code is – also visible here.

Follow the instructions on the decryption page once a valid decryption key has been acquired. Technical details about the encryption process: A unique RSA keypair is generated on a remote server and linked to this system.

The RSA public key is sent to this system while the private key stays in the remote server database. A random bit key is generated on this system when a new file needs to be encrypted. The bit key is then encrypted with the RSA public key. The resulting encrypted bit key is then stored in the encrypted file and purged from system memory.

The original unencrypted file is then overwrited with random bits before being deleted from the hard drive.

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The encrypted file is renamed to the original filename. Older versions of the DSM software are vulnerable, and one of the signs of this is that it breaks the automatic update capability. Thank goodness the Internet is also filled with crafty good people. The fellow there had the same version of the DSM and was having trouble upgrading.

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He did not identify the hack as being the issue, but he successfully identified there was a problem with 4. His solution was to tinker a bit and go to 4. The bitcoin hack is referenced in of the post. One of the responses references a dialog with Synology where the exploit is noted.

The Synology support team suggests two options: Shut down the Diskstation. Pull out the hard drive, replace with a single spare hard drive, and then update the DSM. When finished, shut down the Diskstation again, reinstall the original hard drives, then start up. The other way is to reinstall the DSM software.

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