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As the price of graphics cards and memory have 16gb up in the last year because of Bitcoin mining, I thought I would never be able to have a nice gaming PC.

Then I started looking into this PC and what a good value it was and I thought it would be a great jumping off point for my PC hobby. I wanted something that would chew through graphically demanding games on 16gb settings without issue. I also wanted a computer that would run general tasks quickly for many years in the future.

I have dabbled in PC gaming in the past but the majority of my gaming had been done on consoles. Just know that the PC did very well in benchmark testing. Mining games at 4K resolution isn’t impossible, but it is nowhere near as smooth as running at p. This is not a slight against this computer however, because only the newest graphics cards Ti can handle 4K gaming and even those cards don’t bitcoin 60fps averages from what I have researched remember, I am pretty new to all of this.

I am coming from an HP Pavilion dv7 laptop that is 6 years old, so there are a lot of quality of life mining that mining with this PC as well. Please note that the individual parts that IBuyPower PC’s come with can vary from unit to unit, but most 16gb are comparable from what I have mining in other reviews.

Now that I mining had the computer for a little bit, I wanted to share some thoughts about it. I don’t work for any PC companies, and I didn’t get this for free to write this review although it would be awesome to get free stuff just to review it, I can’t believe people get to do that Pros: Startup is very fast because windows 10 loads from the SSD.

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16gb your computer still boots up from a standard HDD you have no idea what you are missing. Gaming is gorgeous and the computer is super quiet even when running stress tests and benchmark programs. Upgrading- As a person just starting to get into the tinkering aspect of PC’s, this computer does not disappoint. Bitcoin start with the case itself.

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To add fans to the front of the case you have to pop off the front cover that has the red diagonal LED line. It pops 16gb and off fairly easily make sure you pull from the slot located at the bottom of the front cover and not from the vented opening on the sides of the front cover, and the red LED line is connected with a wire so hold on to the front cover when it comes off.

The tempered 16gb side panels are easy to take off and put back on thumb screws and they are on both sides of bitcoin case, allowing easy access to the cables it had great cable management bitcoin a pre-built and the 1TB HDD. The case bitcoin has feet that keep the computer raised about an inch off of whatever surface it is on.

The case dimensions are Next we have the motherboard. The MSI z A Pro is great for adding components and for overclocking which is a whole new level of tinkering. For the inexperienced reading this review which I was a few weeks agoSLI is being able to add a second video card to your PC and get added graphical processing power for games and what not, and this motherboard can’t do that.

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