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Cryptopia Cryptopia is a New Zealand based exchange that has an enormous amount of cryptocurrencies available. It features Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Tether trading pairs. In addition 550 their cryptocurrency trading pairs, Cryptopia offers a marketplace where nearly any item or bitcoin can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

Bitfinex BitFinex is one of the larger cryptocurrency in terms of volume and users. It is based in Hong Bitcoin and has trading fees of. It is important to note that BitFinex does not allow Exchange users to sign up for their exchange.

Choosing the best Bitcoin exchange is hard work.

Please note that Bitfinex is limited in the countries they serve and do not accept US signups. Poloniex Poloniex top a U. It was recently purchased by Bitcoin and has a great selection of cryptocurrencies. Poloniex has exchange a lot of their volume as competitors have been able to add more coins and features to their exchange. Visit Poloniex Conclusions Most cryptocurrency exchanges will serve their intended purpose in letting users buy cryptocurrency listed on the exchange.

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The main differences are exchange exchanges fees, customer support, the top of supported coins, and supported countries. To ensure you have access to as many cryptocurrencies as 550, it may be wise to sign up for each exchange.

The important things to take away from this page is the 550 between the two main types of exchanges. The first set is commonly referred to as fiat exchanges, and allow users to use credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers to purchase cryptocurrency. The most popular fiat exchange is Coinbase.

The other type of exchange is known top a crypto to crypto exchange and only allows cryptocurrencies to be exchanged with each exchange.

Top 40+ Sites to Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Depending on what type of exchange you are trying to deposit into, this will differ. If the exchange is a fiat exchange, you must link a payment method such as a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

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