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Mining in elite dangerous


From there we can break those down into a few groups we can deal mining Berty, Indite, Gallite School 1: If you stacked missions, elite can tailor your Osmium load dangerous just enough to pay the missions then load the rest with the Top 3.

Your job is to get as close to the rock dangerous is safe elite speed your limpets up. NEW – Here is another elite tool for finding sites: General rules of engagement, favor slower or still rocks, the rounder the better. If you must mine a faster rock, try to find its axis of rotation and mine from there. This isn’t always possible. You will lose limpets, it happens. Work toward the planet so you don’t double back on yourself. Prospect a rock, if its good, get as close as is safe.

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Since you’re going to be futzing with the refinery a lot and not flying texting while driving. Favor being safe over limpet efficiency. Once depleted, continue managing the refinery. If the next rock is within sight, fire off another prospector, but mostly just keep on top of that refinery. Only target slower rocks that you can almost kiss or slight faster ones you can manage, closer you are the faster your limpets work.

Once a prospector hits a good rock, make your way over, however fire the prospector at the next rock. Use your time to manage your ship and its relation to the chunks so you limpets are never working too hard. You’ll know its depleted when it stops giving you chunks. When the mining stops: Out of limpets, cargo not full: Note it, bring more next time.

Now you have a choice, you can mining mine, blow a chunk off a rock and target it.

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