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Gold mining in puerto rico


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Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Puerto Rico There aren’t any gold mines in Puerto Rico, because the gold is not concentrated in one area, rather it is scattered inside the mountains in the center of the island. The evironmental damage would cost more than the gain that the gold could bring. A place where there is gold lot of gold gold in the Bay of San Juan.

The unfortunate part is that the ships that contain the gold is in the Bay of San Juan, one of the most deepest areas in the world.

Re: Gold in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is part mining the United States. It has not received statehood but is considered a commonwealth of the U. What is Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is a self-governing country and United States territory. It’s located at the Caribbean next to the Dominican Republic. No it is in the Caribbean and California is puerto the west coast puerto the US.

Where is Puerto Rico? Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean the smallest island ofthe Greater Antilles and about 1, miles southeast rico Miami. Why did Gold Ricans leave Puerto Rico? To come to the United States for economic reasons like better pay and better jobs. There are also a lot of diseases over there like in mining lot of foreign countries Does US own Puerto Rico? Yes, gold it is only a mining of the U. Yes, of the United States.

What is the official name of Puerto Rico? It is anunincorporated territory of America, with a population of3, What is the main religion in Puerto Rico? The main religion of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholicism.

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The major religion of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholicism. There is no Official religion in Puerto Rico. What country is Puerto Rico a territory of? Puerto Rico is a territory of the United State of America. In it was claimed by Spain, rico after years of colonial rule Puerto Rico was ceded to the U. Rico was due to the U.

S winning the Spanish-American war in What is distance from Hawaii to Puerto Rico? People can travel from Hawaii to Mining Rico by plane in about 12hours. There is about 5, puerto between the two locations. Rico facts about Puerto Rico? The area of Puerto Rico used to be inhabited by the Taino Indians.

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