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Gold mining in haines ak


Girdwood District The Girdwood district is a minor producing district that was founded in There are many hard rock mines that produced lode gold, so it is assummed that placer can be found here too. Hope District The district was primarily a lode gold district.

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Moose Pass District This district was a lode gold district. Nuka Bay District Nuka Bay district is in the extreme south part of the peninsula. There were many old lode mines in this district. There were many old mines here eg. Most mines were lode mines. Sunrise District The district was primarily a lode gold district. Turnagain Arm District Turnagain Arm district is a seaway district south of Anchorage in central and north parts of the peninsula.

Along Turnagain Arm, there were many small placer operations. There were also many hard rock mines, especially around the head of Crow Creek. These placer are very rich. Valdez Creek District This district is about miles south of Fairbanks by air.

It consist of the drainages of Valdez and Clearwater Creeks. The Tammany Channel was a buried ancient river chanel of Valdez Creek and was discovered in The placer were very rich and extensively hydraulicked. There are several old lode mines in the area. The area above Matanuska in the upper end of Willow Creek at the head of Cook inlet, is the second most productive lode gold area in Alaska. There were very many rich lode gold mines.

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