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StumbleUpon With the rise of Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment within the past year, it is now becoming a bit of a hassle to see how much tax is involved in monetary transactions involving alt currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC etc. In addition to this, it also allows for tax calculations to be made on any profits that we might have obtained via means of mining and staking.

Tax Bitcoin Taxes currently offers its customers with two separate packages to help them with their filing needs. Tax Professional Tax Firm Both of the aforementioned plans have been designed to allow users to perform the necessary tax calculations and then download the appropriate tax information that will be required during the filing process.

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In addition to this, there are also other key features that the platform offers, including: Unlimited transactions Usability by any number of people Calculation of taxes for every year since the advent and release of Bitcoin i.

How Does the System Work? To start things of off, Bitcoin. Tax users can import all of the details that pertain to their crypto assets that have been bought from various online exchanges. However, it should be noted that, these transactions should have been performed at one of the many Online Exchanges that are supported by Bitcoin Taxes. Other key stats that need to be mentioned for a fair tax assessment include Mined coins Crypto based income one has earned After this, the platform will automatically provide customers with pertinent data such as: Detailed reports that include transaction costs, sale proceeds and gains.

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Income Report with all the calculated mined values. A donation report that factors in crypto information pertaining to gifts and tips. They can then easily be attached as a statement on our tax return file or printed as a separate pdf.

Key Features to Consider i Compatibility: As mentioned earlier, this platform is able to seamlessly import trade histories form a wide array of popular online exchanges.

To check out a list of all supported exchanges, users can visit the official company website www. Bitcoin Taxes can be easily used for the calculation of individual taxes by monitoring defined addresses.

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