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Find out how it works today in our Blockchair review. Blockchair is an online service found at Blockchair.

Blockchair currently only works with the bitcoin blockchain. However, the company plans to add the Ethereum blockchain next, and then bitcoin onto other blockchains. How Does Blockchair Work? Blockchair maintains a library of all bitcoin transactionsall blocks, and all outputs. That library is completely searchable from the top of Blockchair.

Bitcoin Blocks You can see the average size of blocks by days and hours over the past few months, getting an idea of when bitcoin payments rise and fall.

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All of this data is aggregated for convenience. Or, you can explore allblocks yourself. Bitcoin Transactions Blockchair maintains a library of all bitcoin transactions. Or, you can see the daily circulation of bitcoins over the past few months, the median transaction fees over time, or the coindays destroyed over the bitcoin few months. Blockchair appears explorer keep transactions just from the exchange three months.

Bitcoin Outputs You can view a distribution of output types over the last few weeks or months. You can also view the percentage of non-monetary outputs over the past few months, or the average fee per kB over the last three months. Uses For Blockchair The uses for Blockchair are only limited by your own imagination and research. Blockchair Conclusion Explorer is a blockchain search and analytics engine that functions like a blockchain explorer on steroids.

The platform currently works with bitcoin, but the developers plan to support Ethereum in the future.

You can use Blockchair to filter blocks, transactions, and outputs by over 60 different criteria, or perform full-text searches over the exchange. The goal of the company is to become Google for blockchains. Google created a search engine that allowed us to harness the incredible power of the internet.

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