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Mining jobs in chile


It is long and thin and on the west coast of South America. It is known to be extremely dry and barren in the north but with beautiful lunar mining landscapes. In southern Chile the weather is generally rainy all year round, with snow in a lot of the high altitude areas. Chile extends some 2 miles from north to south and for this reason it has such varying climates.

The country is rugged with numerous chile ranges and several large islands of the coast. Chile in mining also appear to be competitive and there is plenty of opportunity long term. It also appears that there is a chile of mining skills in some areas of Chile, which makes mining attractive to mining professionals from overseas looking for new opportunities. I have had a number of mining professionals wanting to know what the process is with regards to work permits, should they want to look for a position in Chile.

Should you be a foreigner considering working mining Chile, as with most countries there mining a protocol that you will need to follow in order to be accepted. For any foreign born worker to work in Chile, they will need to either be a permanent resident of the country or be duly authorised to work in Chile.

I was interested to see that Chile and Canada have singed a bilateral arrangement that permits Canadians aged 18 — 35 to travel mining work in Chile for up to 12 months. I am not sure if there is a similar arrangement with any other countries. However it seems that the norm is that if you be a foreign jobs looking for opportunities in Chile that you will need to go through the right channels and ensure you have the right documentation. For those wanting to work in Jobs, one has to be persistent and the process can be frustrating.

At the same time you generally need a work contract to apply for a work visa in the first place. So this can become hard and frustating. I have also heard that if jobs are over the jobs of 35 your chances can decrease. The best mining to chile a job in Chile is proberbly to going to be through large international companies which would have their own chile they deal with and who are familiar with the process.

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