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Mining jobs in billings montana


Prehistory[ edit ] The downtown core and much of the rest of Billings is in the Yellowstone Valley which is a canyon carved out by the Yellowstone River.

Around 80 million years ago, mining Billings area was on the shore of the Western Interior Seaway. The sea deposited sediment and sand around the shoreline.

As the sea retreated it left behind a deep layer of sand. Over millions of years this sand was compressed into stone that is known as Eagle Sandstone. Over the billings million years the river has carved its way down through this stone to form the canyon walls that are known montana the Billings Rimrocks or the Rims. These caves contain over pictographs rock paintingsthe oldest of which is over 2, years old.

Approximately 30, artifacts including stone tools and weapons have been excavated from the site. The present-day Crow Nation is just south of Billings. Mining July 25 mining arrived at what is now known as Pompeys Pillar and wrote montana his journal ” He named the place Pompy’s Tower, naming it after the son of his Shoshone interpreter and guide Sacajawea.

InPompeys Pillar was designated as a national historic landmark, and was proclaimed a national monument in January An interpretive center has been built next to the monument. At the time these were some jobs the most productive areas of the Montana Territory.

The store went by the name of Headquarters and soon other buildings and tents were being built as the town began to grow. At this time before the coming of the railroad, most mining coming to and going from the Montana Territory were carried on paddle riverboats. It is believed that it was decided to name the new town Coulson in an attempt to attract the Coulson Packet Company that ran riverboats between St Louis and many points in the Montana Territory.

In spite of their efforts the river was traversed only once by paddle riverboat to the point of the new town. Coulson billings a rough town of dance halls and saloons and not a single church.

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