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Mining companies in egypt


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Egypt became a major gold-producer during the Old Kingdom and remained so in the next 1, years, with interruptions when the kingdom broke down. It is policy of SIM to continually meet or exceed customer’s needs profitability. Mining sensing and companies techniques can provide cost-effective tools that can give valuable information about the new mineralization sites. Mapping of the potential mineralized alteration zones is a critical task to enhance mineral exploration in the CED.

Abdullah Youessef one of the biggest business men in UAE who owns many companies and shared in the largest company and factories in Ras Alkhaimah. Precious and semi-precious stones that were extensively mined and worked mining well included turquoiseberylamethystlapis lazuli and malachite.

Investment Highlights

On the other hand, the company owns her facilities in Damietta port for export purposes. Quality egypt in the mine, with strict exploration and selection, each process is sampled and analyzed to monitor quality and conformance to customer specification. All the working staff are familiar with quality pressures which are relevant to their work and will. Hathor was the miner’s patron goddessand her temples, companies or inscriptions egypt found in many rediscovered mining locations..

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