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Mining adventures in kentucky


Most private landowners may ride themselves, but they are not as easily convinced to let a huge mass of people invade their land. This is where a very interesting group of enthusiasts pulled together to make Knott County Kentucky the next upcoming ride destination.

When asked by Kawasaki to come and join them on adventures sneak peak of this new ride area before it had officially opened, mining jumped at the chance to not only experience the Kawasaki SxS line but a new riding area, too!


Bill Reed on the right heads up the off-road division of the Strategic Advantage Marketing, kicking back enjoying the scenery. This form of strip mining began to level the tops of these mountains, filling the valleys with the by-products of coal mining.

Before long, many years had passed; the mining companies had packed up and left. This left many areas of Knott County seemingly unusable.


That was until the reclaiming process of these areas began to spark ideas and a whole new life into the rural Kentucky landscape. So with many hours invested in the courts and partnerships with surrounding landowners, the Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park was born. Bringing in a loader and clearing trees adventures forestation was not the mining plan of attack, though.

The owners of this park needed someone with great experience in building a manageable trail system on board to do this right. This is where Bill Reed and the S. Strategic Advantage Marketing company would shine, as Mr.

Adventures was key in the construction of the Hatfield-McCoy trail systems in West Virginia, so his expertise would benefit this project greatly. Covering 43, acres so far, the park plans to grow. As the word spreads of the beautiful miles of trails already in place, the goal is ultimately kentucky, acres of riding bliss.

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