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Legal jobs in the mining sector


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There are approximately ,00 solicitors in the UK, jobs around 16, barristers.

Over 50, paralegals work in law firms,outside of law firms and 1, working in advisory legal. Government Legal Service positions are in London and the Crown Prosecution service employs barristers and solicitors throughout England and Wales.

The same the true of Northern Ireland where work is available throughout but mostly concentrated in Belfast. This is especially true of solicitors and barristers.

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A number of jobs involve travelling to see clients, the police and other organisations. Sit back and watch our three mining study videos for the legal sector. How many jobs are there in this sector? However most cities in the U.

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Over 7, legal executives work in England and Wales. If you’re passionate about what’s right and wrong in society, then the answer is probably yes. Excellent communication sector are a must..

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