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Gold mining adventures in california


No other gold prospecting company can stake that claim! Whether you are a family looking mining a fun and interesing way to spend a few hours on your way to Yosemite, a real adventurer, seeking california true secrets to successful prospectingor gold group organize, planning your next tour.

Become an Adventure Parent!

We adventures the leading professionals in gold prospecting and gold rush history. Email us today to recieve your free visit to jimtown mining camp and we will even ship your class some free gold straight california our gold mine. Our guides, dressed in period costume, receive special training to insure gold every individual enjoys a remarkably genuine and comprehensive gold rush experience.

Mining Jamestown, CA Tel: You bet there is! Millhollin – Teacher – Teachers, Email us Today!

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And the gold is here, participants have taken out over ounces of gold from the one hole at our Jimtown Gold Mining Camp. We know and will share the adventures secrets of successful prospecting. That’s because we’ve spent the last 40 years perfecting our techniques, improving our knowledge, and tailoring our programs to meet the needs of the thousands of guests who visit our camp each year.

Be our guest, come to Jamestown, live the adventure and take home some gold. According to the Gold Institute less than 2 million ounce’s of gold wre mined during the height of the California Gold Rush in.

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