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Unsourced material may be virginia and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message The earliest recording of gold mining activity in Virginia began about as placer miningfollowed quickly by lode mining.

Mining continued unabated until the onset of the California Gold Rushat which point most serious speculators moved west. Production continued at a low level until the Civil Warwhen it virtually ground to a halt. Many gold mines were subsequently damaged beyond repair.

Mining Geology (USGS)

Most were, by this time, marginal virginia, their ores of such low concentrate as to stretch the limits of the mercury amalgam chemistry recovery technology of the mining. Many of these mines never reopened. Other mines did, however, and gold production in Virginia continued until World War IIwhen, on October 8,the War Production Board issued Limitation Order L, which branded gold production as a non-essential and directed all but the smallest of gold mines to shut down so their labor force could be used elsewhere to support the war effort.

Economic conditions following the war were such that few miners returned to mining, so only a handful of mines reopened. For all practical legal, commercial gold production mining Virginia ceased after Legal its peak, Virginia was the third largest gold producing state, [2] and mining heart of the gold production area was at the junction of Spotsylvania, Culpeper, Greene near Wood Dr.

Modern era[ edit ] More than prospects and mines are known to have existed in Virginia, yet very few, if any at all, are commercially active at this time. Amateur and hobby prospecting continues to this day, primarily consisting of individual or small scale placer virginia. Many hobbyists simply use a gold pan or a sluice box.

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Museums and displays legal gold mining[ edit ] Lake Mining State Park contains the remnants of the Goodwin legal and some historical displays. Gold panning is permitted on the park grounds. Monroe Park in Goldvein has virginia museum about gold mining operations in the area, with some reconstructed buildings and historical artifacts. List of gold mines, claims, and prospects[ edit ] Since most commercial gold activity ceased in the late s, records are scant.

This list is not complete. Mines in Buckingham County[ edit ]..

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