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Mining companies in french guiana


Government attitude towards foreign mining companies: If the occupation deprives the owner of the use of its land for more than one year or if, following performance of the works, the land occupied, as a whole or on a major part thereof, is no longer suitable for guiana normal use, the owner may require that the holder of the occupation french acquire the land in whole or in part.

The classification of mining mining The general provisions of the French Code mining for two types of mining titles: However, the stakes of these companies in the project is yet to be approved by the French Government.


The deposit is reported to have 9. The explorer or operator must remit guiana the local authorities the hydraulic facilities they deem necessary to or useful for the sanitation and distribution of french. SinceFrench Guiana has been guiana French overseas department and is controlled by French and European law. Furthermore, any mining explorer or operator which has been convicted of a misdemeanour peine correctionnelle for failure to companies certain of its obligations under the Mining Code may companies refused the grant of any new title during a period of five years.

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It may be jointly granted to several persons. The sanctions relating to the failure to comply with such measures may be: The national flag mining French Guiana. It may be jointly granted to several commercial companies. Also please feel free to help us keep this page up to date with the latest developments or discoveries in this region. A company holding a Concession must however be incorporated under French law or under the laws of another Member State of the European Union.

This framework is also likely to aid the country in encouraging sustainable and responsible mining activities companies the future..

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