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Anyway, we can go i think. The PFDJ regime deserves sanction not only from the international community but from the Eritrean community themselves. Eritreans did not fight for land, but for themselves to say in a place that they can live. When we say Eritrea, it is nothing but the people themselves. We paid 65, people in search of their own freedom to live. Unlike this, PFDJ diverted the quest for freedom and changed it into a material search.

Human being was forgotten. Among this is to collect money earned from people working in the diaspora. These people were not able to live in their own country and are forced to live for work.

It is logical that man needs work to live, but to live to work is totally against natural course. Ok, had the work being to collect wealth for the workers themselves it can be accepted though not supported. Life is beyond earning money. Anyhow, the Eritreans are not lucky for the last years, they have to work in order to serve others.

Ok, if PFDJ was able to build a tanigble infrastructure or public services well and good at least people could have seen that. For example, during the Italian period the people saw something that never existed before. Let this be the reward. Right from its power intake Eritreans worked day and night to enrich the funding capacity of PFDJ to rebels or building military power. And at the same time its involvement in Congo Which I know that my brother was one trained to go to Congo and many more soon after.

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