Altcoin trading

Altcoin trading k8 yacht


This is a question that fascinates and perplexes me.

It all boils down to investor confidence. They should look for strong entrepreneurial teams with a proven track record of success.


They should look for a clear problem that the ICO solves with a unique, workable solution. They should look for markets with large, profitable growth prospects. The blockchain is ultimately about people. Is it realistic that people will actually use this solution? Founding team members who come from a finance or banking background are assumed to be capable. Quality of website and photos: Because we have confidence in those brand names, that confidence rubs off on the ICO itself.

If we like Apple products, we assume that anyone who worked at the company is smart and successful. This is how we are hardwired as humans. When we were still living in jungles, if we saw a rustle in the bushes, we instinctively mistrusted it until we determined whether it was just a harmless squirrel, or a fierce creature ready to attack. The Invisible Hand vs.

$45 billion meltdown

In so doing, he argued, the rich actually distribute their wealth in a way that they never intended: An ICOs value, in other words, starts in our minds. Look past the brand names. Look for people to challenge your beliefs.

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