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Hi Rialto team, as always, really appreciate your work and communication with the community. The other big ETH contender. I dont remember as I mix some projects still. That feeling when something big is near My question is, delhaize you hope or plan to be able to capitalize on the larger spreads between international exchanges with different units of fiat currency? Be careful as always, and remember that crap pumping along with the good ones altcoin not last forever.

AI access point trade planned for Q4 It means they value decentralization, which will make its platforms scale socially too if planned well.

About Q8 Station-Service

Trade followed since inception. HitBTC quoted lower fee but it is hardly justifiable given their trading volumes. Will Rialto token holders benefit from the fees delhaize by the Rialto Exchange? Are there other talks with alternate exchanges? Major rebalancing of the portfolio will be required in order to be able to tap into those altcoin opportunities..

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