Altcoin trading

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Have a reason before entering each trade: Not all traders make gains from trading, since this is a zero-sum game for everyone who benefits someone else loses on the other side.

The Altcoins market is driven by large whales yes, the same ones responsible for placing huge blocks of hundreds of Bitcoins on the order book. The whales are just waiting patiently for innocent little fish like us to make mistakes.

Even if you aspire to trade on a daily basis, sometimes it is better not to earn and do nothing, instead of jumping into the rushing water and exposing your coins to losses.

From my experience, there are days where you only keep your profits by not trading at all. Target and stop when starting a trade: For each trade we must set a clear target level for taking profit and more importantly, a stop-loss level for cutting losses.

A Stop-loss is setting the level of loss where the trade will get closed. Here again, it is important considering a number of factors when choosing a stop loss level correctly. Most traders fail when they fall in love with a trade or the coin itself. And nobody wants to be the one who is left holding it.

Meet FOMO fear of missing out: But what do we do now? Very simple, Keep moving forward. Needless to say, the next step is usually the bright red candle which sells through the whole order book. This statement tells the story of the market profits from our perspective. To be a profitable trader, you never look for the peak of the movement.

You look for the small profits that will accumulate into a big one. Manage risk wisely across your portfolio.

Active Markets

For example, you should never invest more than small percentage of your portfolio in a non-liquid market very high risk. To those trades we will assign greater tolerance — the stop and target levels will be chosen far from the buying level. The underlying asset creates volatile market conditions: Most Altcoins are traded according to the Bitcoin value. Bitcoin is a volatile asset relative to FIAT and this fact should be taken into consideration, especially in the days when the Bitcoin value is moving sharply.

Bitcoin and Altcoins have an inverse relationship in their value, i.

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