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Stop to photograph the mining largest waterfall in the United States, go gold mining, or take a hike at Cumberland Falls, Kentucky.

I slept in later than usual and leisurely drank kentucky cup of coffee on the deck at Blackwater Falls State Park before packing up my car and typing the address to Cumberland Falls into my GPS. The estimated travel time: I reminded myself that not every day would go exactly as planned as I pulled out of the lodge parking lot and onto the scenic mountain roads of West Virginia.

The scenic roads of West Virginia ended entirely too fast and Kentucky began as a boring stretch of highway. Twenty miles between exits and nothing but trees in between, I grew bored quickly. There was hardly even another car passing by on mining side of the highway. To pass the time, I played my favorite CDs, the songs that I know all of the words mining and could sing along to loud and off-key, knowing that no one kentucky around to hear.

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Worse than the monotonous driving though was the lack of food options. With each new blue exit sign I gained a glimmer of hope that was soon dashed by the endless ads for burgers, biscuits, and country fare. Cumberland Falls By noon I was ready for a break and willing to venture off the highway in search of better food.

I found a health food store ten miles off the highway and immediately thought things were amiss when I noticed a drive-through. As I pulled into the parking lot I realized that the windows mining dark and the car at the drive through had been abandoned long ago.

Gold panning in Kentucky

Kentucky hours more of driving past fast-food signs, I tried another exit that promised a cafe with simple sandwiches. Three times I drove by the spot my GPS brought me to and three times I saw an autobody shop instead of a sandwich shop. There were gold few people kentucky the small restaurant when I entered, but they soon left leaving me alone with just the waitress and hostess.

One perk of being alone: Walkway to Overlook I was expecting to have to hike down to a scenic overlook, but was pleasantly surprised to see the waterfall from just inside the parking lot entrance. A short walk downhill provided an even better view of the falls and a gentle mist that felt refreshing in the hot summer air.

As I walked away from the falls I passed the entrance to the seven-mile hiking trail on the property. Inside the shop I found a variety of bags filled with sand that promised gemstones when run through the outdoor mining facility. In gold for you to understand my excitement at the prospect of pretending to be a gold miner and uncovering gemstones in a bag of sand, you must understand that collecting rocks has been a life-long obsession of mine.

Choosing rocks was not a random act, but something that happened only after careful consideration and appraisal.

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