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Altcoin earn $90 to naira


Here’s my progress so far. I plan on observing for a month before coming to a conclusion. I also use Hashpower https: Give it a try by using the link for my referral, pleaaaasssseee.

God bless you Happy mining everyone! Bottom line is that you’ll find it frustrating to mine crypto currencies in Nigeria, because no steady power and the cost of capable machines are very high, I don’t want to mention the data and network part of it.

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Finally, be careful with the link in everything about this mining. U dont pay electricity bill do u? Nigeria is the best place to mine crypto The more coins you mine at a time, the less hashrate you get per $90 as each coin will compete for your PC Processor Power mining. Thus, its better to focus on mining some.

Also note that some coins are easier to mine than others, depending on the amount of People or Miners mining that coin, which automatically increases the difficulty earn of getting that coin everytime you hit block for that coin.

Convert 90 US Dollar (USD) to major currencies

Creating a Whatsapp Group for this purpose or more. Please, add your contact to be added to the group. God bless you Happy mining everyone please how did you install the minergate software in your mac computer I tried installing it in my mac desktop but it was not compatible. Please I am one of those following your topic about mining naira minergate earn nairaland.

SegWit Fuels Continuing Gains

What I can only mine is two coins and it is too slow in hashrate so I decided to switch to mining only one coin which is aeon. And my cpu is maximum of 2. Which the total I have mined is just 0. Though I only come online rarely. I read about gpu, 1. Please how can I get the earn and how can I add it to my computer? Is it a software or hardware? I used dell latitude altcoin bits window 7, What gpu will be good for my PC? Please how can I convert the aeon coin balance to bitcoin without stress of creating aeon wallet at all.

Please help me with this questions and how can I configure the gpu to work with my PC. Thanks and God bless you indeed.

Mine Altcoin On Your Regular PC And Convert To Bitcoin Easily. – Investment (6) – Nairaland

Thanks for the thread naira add me to the whatsapp group.

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